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: Why is it the best place to work / Google's Secret to success?Google was formed in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in America. It is a search engine firm, which forms part of Alphabet Inc. and has its headquarters in Mountain View, California. It has experienced a great degree of success, handling 70% of all online searches worldwide. The company started out by offering internet search services, but has grown to offer over fifty products. Some of these include: its email platform, Gmail, document software, such as Google Docs, among others. It took a major stride when it purchased Motorola Mobility, opening up the mobile industry to it. It has thus risen to a place where it can be counted among the top most high tech companies in the world, alongside Microsoft and Apple. The search engine service, however, remains its core business. Advertisements made here…… Google's strategy is to deliver high quality content that drives advertising revenue online. This strategy is supported by a high level of innovation, by offering end users web surfers high value content.